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This series of podcasts demonstrates how truth is revealed on the Big Questions of existence by simply setting aside preconceptions and letting reason, evidence from natural laws, and your own personal experience lead.

I'm sharing with you what decades of research, thinking, writing, and 75 years of life and work experience have revealed to me. I believe it to be vitally important in that for the first time it brings sanity to a subject so fraught with contention and uncertainty, and which has inspired so much needless human ignorance and misery.

The same information is available free on my youtube channel at There, and in my book, Solving the Big Questions as if thinking matters, you'll find 270 graphics that coordinate with and help crystallize and simplify the spoken information.

The book also contains hundreds of resources that document information and will provide a wealth for you to further explore. Be sure to get the second edition of the book which is less ponderous and more up to date than the first version.

It's available in digital and audio versions, but I think having a hard copy will help you reflect on and digest the information more easily. We've priced it at only $15 with free shipping to make it as easy as possible to get. It's available at and on Amazon.

Finally, I'm so sure of the information in this podcast and book, that not only does the book come with a money back guarantee, but if you can prove contrary evolutionary or religious conclusions correct, you could win up to a million-dollar reward.

Now then, with that provocative challenge and an invitation to you to communicate your questions or thoughts at, and no more interruptions, here's your free podcast.